The Story Behind Rosenvale Vineyards

The Rosenvale Vineyards story begins in the province of Prussia in 1850 when Gottfried and Johanna Rosenzweig immigrated to Australia fleeing a life of poverty. They settled in the small Barossa Valley village of Moculta in 1858.

Like their fellow German countrymen, the Rosenzweigs brought to the Barossa a deep attachment and love of the land. Some four generations later, while working in and around the wine industry their first dedicated vineyard was purchased in 1966, a 54 acre property in Bethany, 22 kilometres from the family’s original mixed farm in Moculta.

Current Operations

Today, James Rosenzweig, the great, great grandson of Gottfried manages the day-to-day operations of Rosenvale, supported by his wife, Sahar, along with a team of dedicated staff.

Through hard work and commitment, the family expanded the vineyard holding to over 200 acres in the Barossa with the oldest vines planted in 1935. We have four vineyard sites in the central to northern area of the Barossa Valley, from Vine Vale to Stockwell.

Rosenvale’s home block, the Crossings Vineyard, in Nuriootpa is where the family vineyard operation is based and is home of the winery and soon to be opened Tasting Room. Highway 1, Stockwell Farm and Vine Vale Sands vineyards are in the central to northern areas of the Barossa Valley.

Each vineyard has different soil types and micro climates along with an individual vine planting program. We employ Dynamic viticultural practices and minimal winemaking intervention, with the vision that our vineyards and brand, Rosenvale Vineyards, will be around for generations to come.


Being a vineyard business in the first instance, most of the grapes produced are sold to other wine producers while the family retains a selection of the fruit to produce our very personal Rosenvale Vineyards wine label, the first vintage being 1999.

Winemaking for us is all about nurturing the grapes through their natural progression into wine. The winemakers use minimal correction/additions and interference during ferment to bring out the essence of the vineyard. Oak barrel maturation is carried out to compliment a wine as required. Then when satisfied we have done our best, the wine is bottled. Barrels and pallets are then stored in temperature controlled cellars.

Our winery has open top vats for fermenting and the modern, open cage press simulates with better control than the basket press to keep some of the traditional winemaking activities alive and have an important part in our wines.

Gottfried and Johanna’s vision was a better life for their family and this is our effort and commitment to continue that dream for future generations.

Contact Details

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