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James started influencing the style of Rosenvale wines after completing a basic winemakers’ course, in which he gained an understanding of the basic winemaking principles.

Since those modest beginnings, James is now the driving force behind Rosenvale’s commitment to exceptional and unique wine styles using minimal intervention winemaking techniques. He unashamedly makes his wines to suit his own personal tastes which, to the enjoyment of the consumer, are characterised as bold, flavour-driven wines.

To make the most of emerging winemaking techniques, James seeks out and contracts additional specialist winemakers to inject their experience and current practice into Rosenvale’s range. These independent winemakers don’t focus on commercial wines, are very professional to work with and are respected by their peers. In this way, Rosenvale consistently produces top wines, year-in, year-out.

Rosenvale Wines’ Vineyard Manager and Chief Winemaker, James Rosenzweig, is a vineyard-style winemaker who after careful vineyard planning leaves the hard work up to the soil and the season to give the best grapes from which to produce his award-winning wines.

James’ passion for grapes started back in his school days when he worked in the family vineyards before and after school. These early skills were refined and expanded over the years as James learnt to adapt to the challenges and variations that inevitably appeared from season to season.

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Rosenvale Wines

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The Winemaker, James Rosenzweig